Mission critical
made personal.

Intelligent solutions made by first
responders for first responders.

Your job is to get the right people to the right places at the right time – 24/7/365 – knowing lives depend on it. We understand that. Because as former first responders, we’ve lived it. It’s why you can depend on us – completely. For intelligent tools. For remarkably responsive support. For truly trusted partnerships. For more than 40 years, our mission at SafeCities™ has been to support your mission – to make your city safer.

Designed by first responders for first responders, our flagship product, Schedule Express, reduces the risks, costs, and complexities of workforce management in your unique agency environment. With our team supporting your team, we streamline operational workflows for improved productivity, saving time and labor lost on traditional scheduling methods. Schedule Express generates a powerful ROI – protecting your budget and your workforce.

The right solution is as unique as the agency it’s made to serve.

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We are former first responders. We are public safety experts.
We are SafeCities™.

Discover the full impact Schedule Express and the SafeCities™ team can bring to your agency.