Meet the team

Who we are?

We’re an extension of the public safety family. Many of us are former first responders.  We know firsthand the responsibility for the scheduling components within public safety.We’re able to offer best practices and new ideas and thoughts on improvements from our own personal experiences as well as other experiences deploying Schedule Express to different agencies.

Mark Musick

Chief Executive Officer

As CEO of SafeCities™, Mark Musick is passionate about growing the company and executing its vision to support every town, county, municipality, and major metropolitan city. Mark is a US Navy Veteran, and previously worked as VP of sales and marketing for Watson Consoles, as well as VP of sales and marketing for Zetron.

Mark is driven by helping agencies transition from inefficient, traditional operations into advanced workflow automation by strategically implementing intelligent solutions designed specifically for public safety environments.

Mark loves to go on a powerwalk nearly every afternoon and jump on a mountain bike to end the day with a ten-mile ride.

Bettie McCarthy

Chief Finance Officer

As a CPA and bringing more than 30 years of accounting and operations experience, Bettie McCarthy’s role of CFO at SafeCities™ means that she is the ultimate multitasker. Bettie manages the company’s finances and accounting, previously holding several positions in technology and service industries, including CFO of Amy’s Ice Creams in Austin, Texas.

Outside of the office, Bettie is committed to helping kids feed themselves by volunteering at a grassroots weekend backpack program started by her sister at a local elementary school. Bettie can be found most weekends playing tennis, roughhousing with her two basset hounds, or relaxing at the lake with her husband.

Dean Fantham

Chief Technology Officer

As chief technology officer of SafeCities™, Dean Fantham is responsible for the advancement and development of cutting-edge solutions to continually improve our service to agencies across the country. Dean is driven by growing with the rapidly changing technological environments, and his forward-thinking views have positioned SafeCities™ as a leader in the public safety industry. He is passionate about the collaborative process enabling teams working together, and takes an active approach to helping clients uncover untapped business value.

Dean loves to cycle competitively, coach his children, and always appreciates good wine and good food.

Greg Kandel

Executive Vice President

Greg Kandel is the executive vice president of sales, and cofounder of SafeCities™. Greg is a 33-year public safety veteran, and his career is defined by his long-term success bringing next generation technology products and services to public safety agencies across the country designed to make our cities safer. SafeCities™ is an extension of his passion to understand the challenges faced by first responders, collaborating to provide the tools, resources, and expertise needed to make their jobs better, easier, and more effective to support them in their service of their communities.

Greg and his wife enjoy being active in local charities, attending live concerts, and never missing a day at the dog park.

John Bourne

Director of Sales

John Bourne is the director of sales at SafeCities™, and he brings 25 years of experience working in the public safety industry – possessing an end-to-end understanding of the unique requirements in the industry. He has seen success by delivering advanced next generation solutions to first responders across the nation, helping agency clients identify, select, and implement solutions to deliver more efficient methods of operating and improving safety. As a US Navy Veteran, John is driven by a deep level of professionalism and unwavering commitment to duty.

When off duty, John enjoys community events and spending time with his family and pups outdoors. Whenever times permits, you can find John in the mountains, fly fishing, and camping.

Christine Zeno

Director of Consulting Services

The director of support services at SafeCities™, Christine Zeno began her career as one of the two youngest dispatchers ever hired by the San Diego Police Department. Throughout the years, extracurricular projects included modem programming, writing code which performed CAD backups, CAD updates and testing, and managing a $30 million dollar grant project: The Regional 3Cs. A previous customer, Christine actively influenced the foundation and direction of Schedule Express to maximize its impact.

With two adult children out of the house and between customer implementations, Christine finds time for her new children: A 1972 Chevy Monte Carlo, a Yamaha 1100, and a vacation home on the beautiful island of Roatan.

Jon Lunsford

Director of Operations

Jon Lunsford is the director of operations for Schedule Express, a public-safety focused scheduling software developed by former first responders at SafeCities™. He began his public safety career as a communications specialist for a busy multi-discipline, multi-agency emergency communications center. Over the next 10 years, he held several different roles including supervisor, program manager, and operations manager.

When he is not developing new product requirements and testing software, he is traveling and SCUBA diving.

Jennifer Bonilla

Support Services Manager

Jennifer worked for five years as a telecommunicator, and for 12 years as a shift supervisor. She was a certified training officer, and specialized in urban mutual aid response plans for fire departments. At SafeCities™, Jennifer leads and guides agencies in their transition to Schedule Express.

Charleen Oliver

Customer Service

Charleen worked for more than 30 years in a 911 center, including more than 20 years in supervision. She brings her experience in communications, personnel scheduling, training, and project management. At SafeCities™, Charleen supports our partner agencies all over the country.

Tim Ehlenfeldt

Quality Assurance

Tim worked in a law enforcement dispatch center, as well as a consolidated 911 center. He was a certified training officer, shift supervisor, a training and quality assurance supervisor, and an EMT. At SafeCities™, Tim ensures Schedule Express performs exactly as needed for our agency clients.