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You need the right tools for the job — the tools
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You do things differently. So we do, too.

No agency operates like yours. And nobody knows that better than you. So, when other companies ask you to change your needs, our team of experts at SafeCities™ change the tool to meet your needs instead. Schedule Express is customized and configured on site by former first responders who understand the right solution is as unique as the agency it’s made to serve.

The industries we serve

Who we help.



You need more from the resources that serve your agency. More detail. More automation. And more power. Because you do more. You get everyone everywhere. So you need a tool that does more to fit your environment. Built to meet the needs of 911, Schedule Express delivers.

  • Automated overtime intelligence to maximize coverage plans
  • CTO training assignments that synchronize necessary schedules
  • Seat/Channel/Position assignments to keep your operations consistent
  • Standby/On-call designations seamlessly integrated



Law enforcement operations are complex. But the tools you use to manage them should be simple. From patrol to criminal investigations to traffic assignments, Schedule Express keeps your personnel informed, organized, and agile so they can focus on the job – not the details.

  • Beat/Sector assignments built to align with your operations
  • Rules-supported fatigue management to keep your staff safe
  • Off-duty details to account for all the services you provide
  • Custom schedule sorting by job category and more



The management of a corrections facility is careful and complicated work. When your primary focus is safety – there’s no room for error. Your team is focused on the safety of others, so Schedule Express is focused on yours to keep everyone informed, organized, and operating smoothly together.

  • Unit/Pod assignments to keep your environment safe and controlled
  • Automated overtime intelligence to ensure fairness and compliance
  • Transportation/Court unit scheduling seamlessly integrated
  • Streamlined shift bidding workflows create greater productivity



When your team goes from zero to 100, you need tools that move as fast as you do.

Intelligently manage all your resources – stations, certified skill sets, shift patterns, and more – with a solution designed for the job. Schedule Express supports your personnel 24/7/365 – no matter how rapidly the environment changes.

  • Station/Apparatus assignments to manage personnel effectively
  • Coverage and overtime based on training and skill sets
  • Custom schedule sorting by position, location, and more
  • Unlimited shift rotation support, including 24-hour shift patterns and more



Your agency is filled with highly trained personnel who the people in your city depend on when every second counts. That’s why Schedule Express is designed to balance resources in real time – including equipment and qualifications – so you can be where you’re needed most, when you’re needed most.

  • Unit/Vehicle assignments to keep your operations organized
  • Coverage monitoring to guarantee required skill sets
  • Part-time staff scheduling that meets your changing needs
  • Immediate assignment and schedule change notifications



Power. Water. Healthcare. Transportation. Petrochemical. More. No matter how you keep your city running, the team of experts behind Schedule Express can help you do it.

Improve operations, increase productivity, and recover time and labor lost on traditional scheduling methods.

  • Intelligent management of staffing levels and qualification-based coverage
  • Coverage monitoring to guarantee required skill sets
  • Custom assignments to reflect the varied roles and responsibilities of your operations
  • Immediate assignment and schedule change notifications
The benefits of schedule express

How we can help.

Intuitive schedule management

Capable of enforcing your unique scheduling policies, procedures, rules, regulations, collective bargaining agreements, and memorandums of understanding. Our system is designed with the level of detail, depth, and dimension needed to deliver accurate and effective scheduling automation.

Automated overtime intelligence

Eliminate overtime challenges by enforcing rules and roles to maintain accurate real-time mandatory/force lists. Track the status and order of overtime volunteers while continuously ensuring the accuracy of required skill sets as determined by your minimum staffing levels.

Real-time coverage plans

Identify coverage gaps and accurately post overtime through the continuous monitoring of minimum staffing levels. Resolve discrepancies immediately using system generated recommendations for overtime based on the qualifications of available personnel.

Systematic shift and vacation bidding

Automate based on agency needs, supported by annual or periodic shift and vacation bidding. Users receive automatic notifications when it’s their turn to bid, and administrators are provided options to manually approve or system approve, as well as adjust bid selections prior to approval.

Payroll interface and time bank tracking

Eliminate complicated reporting and tracking processes using automatic time balances that accrue on an individual basis. When time off is approved, the system will automatically reduce time banks to keep your records accurate – and your operations simplified and streamlined.

Automatic notifications

Ensure everyone is informed. No matter what changes, or when it changes. Instant notifications mean you can trust your staff is updated on schedule changes, overtime availability, shift trade requests, vacation and shift bidding, absence approval, daily assignments, and much more.

Highly secure distributed network

Distributed data centers with real-time encryption providing high reliability, high scalability, and high computing capacity and storage – 24/7/365. Schedule Express is built with a focus on both security and simplicity to protect your agency and empower your workforce.

24/7 support

When you need help, you also need someone who understands. In-house support personnel highly experienced in public safety. As a product, Schedule Express delivers the functionality you need. As a team, SafeCities™ delivers the support you deserve – at no additional cost.

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