Our story
is your story.

Industry veterans and leaders. First
responders and citizens. Our choice
is to serve.

Service. Duty. A proud family history. The opportunity to save lives and change them. The chance to become your own childhood hero. Or maybe just happenstance. There’s no one reason a person makes the decision to enter the world of public safety, and each reason is as unique as the first responder who puts on his or her uniform every morning. It’s not a career choice – it’s a life choice. And it’s one that often cannot be understood by others.

You are more than your badge, your rank, or the tools you use to get the job done. You are your connection to your family of fellow public servants, your love for your community, and your dedication to every person and every family living in all the homes of the city you’ve sworn to keep safe.

Whatever your reason is for choosing to protect and serve every day, it’s important that the tools you rely on for the job work just as hard to protect and serve you. The men and women who work at SafeCities™, and partner with your agency to support your unique operational environment, understand that – because they’ve lived it. As former first responders, our solutions are designed to meet your needs because they’re created by a team who know those needs firsthand.

When lives depend on you, you need to be able to trust the resources you use to help them. And with our team supporting your team, your agency will be able to trust the people behind the resources, too. For intelligent tools. For remarkably responsive support. For truly trusted partnerships. Your community depends on you, so you can depend on us.

Our story is your story. And for more than 40 years, our mission has been to support your mission. We make your job easier, so you can make your city safer.